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A fourteen part documentary series on religious communities around the world. Commissioned by Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.  The films cover The Druze (Lebanon) , The Maronites (Lebanon), The Syriac (Lebanon, Syria, Turkey), The Buddhists (Thailan, HH Dalai Lama in India), The Sikhs (India), The Greek Orthodox (Jordan, Lebanon), The Arab Jews (Morocco, Israel), The Zoroastrians (Iran), The Shi’a (Iran, Lebanon), The Bahai (USA, Israel), The Hindus (India), The Copts (Egypt), The Protestants (Germany, Lebnon) and The Mormons (USA, Jordan). 
Broadcast: 2006-2007 Al Jazeera Documentary Channel.
Broadcasting in October 2009 on Al Jadeed television (New TV Lebanon).
Young Lebanese Minister of Industry and leading member of the Kataeb Party, Pierre Gemayel was assassinated in a mafia like hit in November 2006. His body was riddled with over thirty bullets - his executioners ambushed and machine gunned his car in broad daylight, killing him and his bodyguard instantly. During his father former Lebanese President Amine Gemayels exile in Paris, Pierre, almost single handedly resurrected the Kataeb Party based on its original manifesto. Who Said Pierre Gemayel Is Dead? is a retrospective on Pierres life and career. Broadcasted on LBCI in November 2008. A two part presenter-led documentary series based on the best-selling book Legend: The Genesis of Civilisation by David Rohl. Based on his own archaeological research British Egyptologist David Rohl investigates an extraordinary and contentious theory which attempts to explain the origins of Egyptian civilisation as coming from ancient Mesopotamia. In the process, this spectacular documentary series provides solutions to some of the great-unsolved mysteries of ancient Egypt – astounding new discoveries which illuminate mankind’s most tenacious legends. David Rohl presented Pharaohs and Kings, based on his book A Test of Time – produced by Discovery Channel/CH 4 and Journey to Eden – produced by TLC/Discovery Channel. Locations; Iraq, Egypt, London, Paris. The Egyptian Genesis is produced and owned by Firehorse Films and is for sale. French version bought by Canal + and Arte. In the early 20 century an independent Arab World emerged from decades of colonial rule. But the race for statehood among Arab fledgling countries was soon taken over by a hasty struggle for unity. Although strong divisions existed among Arab leaders, social movements and intellectuals concerning what unity meant and what practical form it should take, a consensus was emerging that an Arab association of some sort was necessary for an Arab revival. The mix of anticipated independence and Arab nationalism steered efforts among Arab states toward a new regional order, one which today we call the Arab World. But was there ever a ‘unified’ Arab World?
This nine part documentary series investigates the story of the struggle for Arab unity which is entangled with the modern history of the Middle East and steeped in conflicting ideologies, revolution, oppression, betrayal and war.  The series was commissioned by Al Jazeera English Channel. Broadcast 2008 on AJE and You Tube simultaneously.
What is the most effective bargaining tool in politics? Human lives. This series offers rare insight into the intricate world of Middle Eastern politics by investigating the issue of prisoner exchange - telling the story of why people get imprisoned and how they are eventually released. The two part documentary series looks at what it is like being held captive, for both Israelis and Lebanese. The series includes exclusive footage of downed Israeli pilot Ron Arad and how the abduction of three Israeli soldiers was planned and executed by Hizbollah, explaining all for the first time. Broadcast on Canal + and LBCI in 2006 and sold worldwide. A co-production with Article Z (France) and ARTE (France). A powerful 90min documentary following the rise of Abou Musa’ab Al Zarqawi who, by 2004, became the most wanted man in the world with a bounty of $25 Million US Dollars on his head. Broadcast by ARTE in 2005. A powerful two part documentary series following the rise of Abou Musa’ab Al Zarqawi, allegedely the head of Al Qaeda in Iraq. By 2004 Al Zarqawi became the most wanted man in the world with a bounty of $25 Million US Dollars on his head. Broadcast by LBCI (Lebanon Satellite) in 2004. The subject of football is wide ranging and encompasses, in the Arab World, many different countries and cultures and approaches. But they all have the same problem. Football clubs around the region, no matter how well endowed have not been able to make it as top international teams! Why? Is it the lack of players, expertise, training? It certainly is not a lack of money or fans. Football in the Arab world is up there as a topic of conversation with Food and Democracy! This two hour documentary looks at the business of football in the Arab World and the economics and politics of the game. Broadcast 2005 by Alhurra TV. Ellen Saracini’s husband was the pilot of the plane that crashed into the South Tower in the 9-11 attack on New York. This documentary film investigates the post 9-11 airline safety programmes and what measures were taken to prevent terrorism in the world. Filming took place in New York with Ellen and with a Palestinian woman in a camp in Lebanon, who had lost her family, as well as an Iraqi woman who lost everything due to two Gulf wars and 12 years of sanctions. The three women communicated with each other via satellite. A co-production with Article Z (France), France 2, LBCI, Worldlink (USA), SBS (Australia), CBC (Canada) and Firehorse Films. Broadcast: LBCI, France2, SBSTV and CBC La Guerre de L’Ombre, is a powerful one hour documentary on the covert war between the secret police of Israel and the Palestinians. Firehorse Films consultanted on story and provided production services in Beirut and Syria on a film commissioned by Theophraste. Broadcast on FR2 and TV5 2001. Mustapha is 10 years old. He is bright, intelligent, speaks English fluently. His father was a suicide bomber. His mother thinks that Mustapha must grow up to be like his father. Through Mustapha the film focuses on the issues of martyrdom and sacrifice within Hizbollah.

Broadcast on Al Jazeera Television, in Iran, Italy, Austria, Holland and Japan and acquired by Discovery Channel (America). The documentary was selected for the Independent Arab Screen Awards and nominated for Best Film and Best Director. It was also shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in September 2001 and was released for a three months cinema run by the British Film Institute in the UK (Dec 2001 – Feb 2002).
Nabad is a socio-political Talk show, presented by Mathilda Farjallah, whose main aim is to highlight and discuss controversial/hot socio-political issues and topics in a lively and fast paced manner. Nabad is a smart formula of interesting questions, solid information and direct answers.
The show broadcasts on Future news every Thursday from 9:00PM till 10:00PM
Muthir Lil Jadal is a hard-hitting talk show with multiple interviewees some in the studio and the rest via satellite. Muthir Lil Jadal asks the difficult questions and gets behind the current events and hot issues taking place in Abu Dhabi and the region, from political and religious leaders to corporate decision-makers, from intellectuals to ordinary individuals facing huge challenges. The hard hitting questions asked by presenter Fadila Swissy are the result of detailed research and in-depth investigations by the Firehorse Films team. Muthir Lil Jadal is broadcast on Abu Dhabi Television. (Digital Newspaper) is a live one-on-one daily talk show strand for Emirates/Abu Dhabi Television. Each day the show covers a different aspect of in-depth analysis on: Sunday: Social Issues, Monday: Business & Economy, Tuesday; Multi Media, Wednesday:Culture and Thursday, Entertainment. Political debate show broadcast on Future News. Beyt El Yek is a debate show with a twist; in each episode two guests debate an issue in front of an audience with only 60 seconds to answer questions posed by the host. This creates high tension in the programme because the debaters cannot embelish or go around the question. Each episode is composed of several stages. An introductory report on the subject sets the scene, followed by a question and answer session in which the guests have one minute to answer the host, followed by section called Meet The Press where the contestants have to analyse news reports on the subjects, followed by a hypothetical scenario set by the host which the guests must complete. The show concludes with a free minute to each guest in which they get to say whatever they want on the subject. Beyt El Yek is a new political format created for Firehorse Films. First series broadcast 2007-2008. “Baad Al Khabar”, a weekly one hour current affairs programme investigating the stories behind news headlines. The angle of the investigative reporting is from the point of view of Lebanese citizens as opposed to officialdom.
Two twenty minute in-depth investigative reportages on current political and social issues are linked by journalist/anchor Hisham Bou Nassif. Example of topics discussed in the programme; the narcotics trade, arms trading, alternative farming, the Lebanese fishing industry, rise in car theft, the Beb Al Tebeneh Palestinian Camp stand-off between the Lebanese army and Islamist insurgents, Israeli cluster bombs in South Lebanon, economic inflation.
Two seasons were broadcast on Future News Television 2007/2008.
East-West is a 2.5 hour special current affairs talk show with host Marcel Ghanem (for LBCI Lebanon Satellite). The show was broadcasted live between New York and Beirut. Special guests in New York included State Senator Marty Golden, Paul Reickhoff, Jeremy Glick, John Alpert, Paul Miller, Louis Gelormino, William Vendley, Aaron O’connell, Kerry Picket and Anton Srdanovic and in Beirut included Dr Khalil El Khalil from Saudi Arabia, Fouad Hussein from Jordan, Issam Sultan from Egypt, Magid Hadab from Iraq, Katia Srour from Lebanon, Rami Abou Hamdi from Palestine, Tarek Haji from Algeria, Khaled Msalmeh from Syria, Bouchra El Khalil from Lebanon, Abou Bakr Al Saddik from Sudan, Mouhanad Ghaleb Bin Hani from Jordan. The panel of 20 (10 in New York and 10 in Beirut) conducted a lively debate on East-West relations. The show took the Arab World by storm.
Hiwar El Dar is a weekly presenter-led factual programme targeting Emirati families. The show discusses social and economic issues and national policies as well as public services. In fact all issues affecting the lives of Emirati citizens life are touched upon within the remit of the show. Dr. Chef is MBC 4’s newest, inspirational, daily studio based, original series tackling family matters and overall well-being. Dr Chef is the first originally produced show of its kind for MBC4 with 80 episodes produced in its first season. Dr Chef's mandate is to gently advocate healthy lifestyles and address topics of dietary and health-related themes. The beneficial property of the show provides viewers with curative and critical information to make informed and intelligent decisions regarding health care.

Dr Chef stars three professionals, a Saudi doctor, a Saudi Chef and an Egyptian Nutritionist and hosts expert guest in each episode. The three presenters form a panel discussing, cooking and showing, in a lively setting, the latest knowledge and expertise surrounding family well-being. They tackle many issues including; cooking, diet, food safety, medical problems, social situations, work environments, psychology, fitness as well as recommending new websites and applications, innovations and technology. Dr Chef is an informative and entertaining hour for the 15 to 35 age group created and produced by Firehorse for MBC4.
Beauty and Fashion expert Joelle Mardinian stars in the Middle East's leading fashion make-over show. Now in its 8th season on MBC and with over 275 episodes produced to date, the show is most famous for transforming people from drab to fab. Over the years, Joelle has added her magic touch to hundreds of men and women who came forward to change not only their looks but also their outlooks on life. Looking beautiful is a big part of feeling great and Joelle with her avid team of cosmetic surgeons, dieticians, dentists, hair and make-up go to great lengths to give each contestant the new look he/she aspires to. Broadcasted on MBC1 Our favourite Emirati chef takes us on a journey of gastronomic delights as Khoulood serves up a treat of cuisine from all over the World, as well as traditional Arabic cooking with time honoured ingredients prepared and cooked in Khoulood’s inimitable style.
Each show feature a specific topic or cuisine including children’s food, fusion. freestyle, food for pregnant ladies as well as International and local delights, and in each studio episode our chef helps decorate the table, shopping for napkins, table mats, plates and the beautiful flower centre pieces reflecting the episode’s specific theme.
Sarareed Khoulood guarantees a delight of International cooking and presentation of the highest standard.
Our favourite Emirati chef takes us on a journey of gastronomic delights as Khoulood serves up a treat of cuisine from all over the World, as well as traditional Arabic cooking with time honoured ingredients prepared and cooked in Khoulood’s inimitable style.
Each show feature a specific topic or cuisine including children’s food, fusion. freestyle, food for pregnant ladies as well as International and local delights, and in each studio episode our chef helps decorate the table, shopping for napkins, table mats, plates and the beautiful flower centre pieces reflecting the episode’s specific theme.
Sarareed Khoulood guarantees a delight of International cooking and presentation of the highest standard.
Have you just moved to Dubai ? Are you looking for the best school to send your kids to? Can’t decide whether to do with Du or Etisalat? Are you looking to buy or rent a home ? Are you trying to figure out which is the best bank to get a loan from ? Are you having a tough time figuring out labor laws ? Would you like to learn Arabic to understand the local culture ? Do you have 100 questions about how to where to get things done in Duba ?i Look no further; we are here to make your life easier. A half hour presenter-led, weekly show in English for Dubai One Television, for the Autumn 2009 season. After the success of the show, Firehorse Films produced season 2 entitled “Dubai 101: Neighborhoods”.
Dubai 101 is a presenter lead-program that documents the hosts’ journeys in the various neighborhoods of Dubai as they sample local delicacies, uncover best kept secrets, discover hidden gems and interact with interesting locals in ways that bring Dubai’s neighborhoods to life. Dubai’s varied neighborhoods range from the shiny new sky scrapers of the Marina to the historical and other-worldly life around the Creek. Packed with facts, tips and insider information Dubai 101 thoroughly explores each neighborhood to reveal “off-the-beaten-path” places and the area’s most colorful and interesting people. Broadcasted on Dubai one television in 2010
Emarati is a presenter-led culture show for Dubai One television. Through Emarati our audience, both local and expat, will start looking around their environment from a completely new perspective, wanting to discover or re-discover the roots of their country. Through our young and adventurous presenter, each episode will seek to reveal several facets of modern or traditional Emirati culture. Our presenter will be asking questions and finding out information on behalf of the audiences. A half hour presenter-led, weekly show in English for Dubai One Television, for the Autumn 2009 season. , weekly show in English for Dubai One Television, for 2009 season 1
Emirati Season 2:
The show that you’ve come to know and love has also a second season, this time round we take you on a journey through the Emirates to discover Emirati Culture, and what it means to be Emirati through the eyes of the people that make up the United Arab Emirates.
In Emirati season 2 you will meet a vast array of personalities, young and old, those who have achieved and are at the pinnacle of their careers and up and coming entrepreneurs, people who’ve overcome challenges and have interesting stories to tell, who all represent what it means to be Emirati. Broadcasted on Dubai one television in 2010
“FOREIGNERS AT LEBANON” looks at foreigners who have intentionally chosen Lebanon as their home. In each episode, we will look at our character’s unique story, what brought him here, how he lives and the reasons behind his attachment to this place through his profession. We will also look at a sector in the Lebanese industry from his point of view. The aim of this series is to show how these foreigners have integrated in the Lebanese society and how they perceive its various aspects: social, cultural, human, professional, environmental, etc… and how similar or different their views are from the Lebanese people surrounding them. "Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting, it speaks to us... passion rules us all, and we obey.” A 26 episodes per season magazine series focusing on Lebanese people who by following their passion have found success in their lives and by exploring the secrets of their success we reveal their insights on the human condition. Broadcast on Future News :
Season 1: 2008
Season 2 : winter 2008 – 2009.
What shapes the soul of some of the most unique places of Lebanon – a street, a tree, a place, a café, a building - is it events, history or the memories of people? Whether sad, happy, ordinary or purely emotional, these recollections give us a glimpse of the spirit and magic of these chosen places through the eyes and sensitivity of ordinary people. Series of 26 episodes. Season 1 broadcast on Future News 2007 - 2008. Season 2 broadcast winter 2008 - 2009. Ever wondered why Emirati men wear white? Why Emirati women wear the burkah and why men wear a Kefiyah and A’agal? Why are kohl and henna treasured and used? What are the hidden symbols in Teli embroidery and have they influenced the architecture of the city? Why are Arabic music, poetry and calligraphy a source of inspiration and creation to the Emiratis? Answers and more in Joozoor with presenter Samah Ahmad unraveling the secrets of Emirati culture and traditions. Two seasons of Joozoor have been broadcast on Emirates Television a division of Abu Dhabi Television.
Star Chef’ is a weekly, reality series competition where eight culinary hopefuls battle it out with hopes of becoming Fatafeat TV’s next celebrity chef.The Star Chef restaurant in Beirut is the scene of this 8-week series run where the contestants compete in a real kitchen environment as they go through a series of rigorous weekly challenges. A French game show format (Vis Ma Vie) for Dubai Television. Trading Places is a studio based show with two documentary film segments. The concept of the show is to allow one person known as the ‘Explorer’ to trade places with another person known as the ‘Initiator’ for two days and the consequences are then filmed. Seasons 1 and 2 broadcast on Dubai Television 2004 – 2005. This musical series follows the adventures of Rami, who is afraid of everything, and Lamia, a very naughty little girl. The themes of the series are ‘Things Not To Fear’ and ‘Things Not To Do’. Animated characters and songs created by Firehorse Films. Broadcast on Al Jazeera Children’s Channel. The National Museum of Bahrain

A short documentary highlighting the exquisite and unique treasures of the National Museum of Bahrain, which in 2013 is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The film travel through the museum showing the viewer the wealth and breadth of the history of Bahrain. An exclusive interview with the museum's designer Knud Holscher and the Minister of Culture May Al Khalifa round off this eight minute introduction.
A short documentary explaining the procedures and intensive care given to premature babies to help them survive the tough first few weeks of life. The film was commissioned by the Neonate Fund at the American University Medical Clinic's (AUMC) Neonate Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The film highlights the seriousness of premature births and the need for funding as the NICU can cost up to $1000 US Dollars per day. Length 8 minutes. A short film commissioned by the Bahrain Ministry of Culture and Tourism to launch the 'Bahrain, Capital of Tourism 2013' campaign. The film was shot on Alexa and sees Bahrain through the eyes of a tourist. The film targets the Bahraini people showing them the beauty of their country and the importance of investing in and encouraging a healthy tourism sector for the Bahraini economy and the country as a whole.
Manama, Capital of Arab Culture 2012, is a poetic film shot around a specially composed aria entitled 'Manama'. The Firehorse team had only two weeks from commission to compose the music, the lyrics, produce and shoot the film before it was presented to the country as part of a national and international campaign to promote Bahrain as 2012's capital of Arab Culture. The song, Manama, was composed by Maestro Harout Fazlian, an eminent Lebanese composer and conductor and the lyrics were written by Bahraini poet Hassan Kamal and sung by Bahraini singer Huda Al Abdullah. The film was shot around twelve themes of culture chosen by the Ministry, including; design, art, architecture, museums, music, theater, poetry and ending with nation. Shot in HD the film has a dreamy romantic quality showcasing Bahraini culture in its most beautiful form.
CIBCO: Affordable luxury:

The real estate and development company CIBCO required a six minute corporate documentary film presenting its audience a snapshot of CIBCO’S current projects, highlighting the company’s philosophy and showcasing its design glories. The film is a fresh and modern take on CIBCO’s corporate image with the main audience being present and future clients shown at exhibitions and on their website and other digital platforms like social networking sites and You Tube Channel.
Based on the company’s tag line ‘Affordable Luxury’ the film is based on 4 projects: Al Majal, Sky Towers, Omnia and J towers. The film delves into the details of these projects through filmed and drawn perspectives enhanced with narration.
Dar Al Handasah – Shaping the future
A six minute film presenting a snapshot of DAR's evolution over the past five years since 2005. Highlighting DAR's philosophy and the multitude of services it can provide its clients as well as showcasing present and future engineering, planning and design glories. The film is not simply an update but a fresh and modern take on DAR's corporate image.
H & C Leo Burnett and Dar Al Handassah (2011)
The film’s central protagonist is an ordinary woman going about her daily life with her family, unaware of the pressure she and millions like her are putting on the environment. Slowly she becomes conscious that her activities, such as keeping the lights on, letting water run in the sink while brushing her teeth, using paper in her office are all damaging the environment and in turn putting the future of her family and country at risk. She decides to present herself as a candidate at the municipal elections on an environmental platform. The film treats these very important subjects in a humorous and approachable way, allowing the audience to identify with the protagonist and encouraging them to step up and make their voices heard. In one word or three, is a short biography on the life and times of the irrepressible Bechara Nammour, who single handedly in the 1990’s put Lebanese social life onto the map. His flair for opening restaurants and hotels which are unique was unparalleled in Lebanon and the region. The film was commissioned by Mr Nammour to be shown at the Nayla Mouawad Foundation dinner given in his honour in November 2011. The film is based several interviews with leading personalities in Lebanon who talk about one aspect of Bechara Nammour’s life or personality.
Investing in Bahrain's People A corporate film commissioned by the Bahraini Ministry of Information, Tourism and Culture. The Kingdom of Bahrain is witnessing a renaissance in the development of many different areas thanks to the vision and ambition of His Royal Highness Sheikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Commander in Chief of the Bahraini Armed Forces. This film sheds light on this developmental renaissance that the kingdom of Bahrain is witnessing thanks to his vision and investment in his people in three sectors: Education, Economy and Sports Activities.
The film also features the most prominent companies and educational and university institutes all working within the range of His Royal Highness's vision.
“The Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research” is a corporate film commissioned by Shaikha May Al Khalifa. Nestled in the heart of Muharraq in Bahrain is The Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research which opened its doors to the public in 2002. The Centre was founded by Shaikha Mai Al Khalifa as a place of dialogue with Bahraini culture.
Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa was the first intellectual to establish a cultural majlis in Muharraq – the old capital of Bahrain. The centre today is the link between the past and present, setting cultural standards for the future of Bahrain and the region. The Centre is based around seven restored houses each with its own individual and cultural character. The film presents each house separately through a visual story based on an old man taking his granddaughter on a tour of the houses. Through music and poetic imagery the houses and their individual characters come to life.
From Dilmun to Bahrain is a corporate film, commissioned by the Bahraini Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Information. The film retraces the six thousand year history of Bahrain from its legendary beginnings as Gilgamesh's 'Land of Immortality' one of the oldest and most mysterious of civilizations to the modern hub that is Bahrain today.
The film promotes the Kingdom of Bahrain as an international capital of culture, shedding light on Bahrain’s civilization rich history from the Sumerians through the Islamic renaissance to the modern economic and cultural centre that it is today. This film highlights the fact that modern Bahrain is both preserving its ancient cultures and promoting them within a modern context.
This film will summarize all the effort being made by ALFA to provide Lebanese consumers with the best communication services and tell Alfa customers, old and new: “WE CARE”; we care about giving you the latest in state-of-the-art technology, we care about giving you the best service, with the best prices, and that the managing company Orascom is extremely experienced with a proven track record to make all our promises come to fruition.
Commissioned for Dar Al-Handasah by H&C Leo Burnett Commissioned for Dar Al Handassah by H&C Leo Burnett Commissioned by the Urban Design & Development Company Millennium Commissioned by the Urban Design & Development Company Millennium for a new project in Khartoum, Sudan. Commissioned by the Urban Design & Development Company Millennium for a new project in Khartoum, Sudan. Commissioned by Procter & Gamble. Commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi. The film was for the use of Mr Rafic Hariri (Lebanese Prime Minister) and IDAL (Lebanese Development Agency). Commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi for IDAL on the new duty Free Zones established in Lebanon. Commissioned by Cellis, the French Cellular Network provider. Commissioned by Saatchi & Saatchi for Mr Rafic Hariri and IDAL. Commissioned by SOLIDERE on the design and reconstruction of Beirut Central District.

Firehorse is one of the Middle East's leading independent television production companies with an outstanding reputation for producing high quality, popular and innovative programmes. We back talent, invest in and work with leading writers and programme makers to produce original, creative and successful programming for audiences everywhere.
Firehorse is a television production company specializing in creating and developing programmes and formats for and about the Arab World. We produce documentary series, political and current affairs programmes, magazine, entertainment and reality shows as well as television drama/comedy, children's animation and docu-dramas.

Television Consultancy,s
Firehorse specialize as TV consultants in the set-up, recruitment, programming, production and management of new television stations.

News Output Deals
In 2007 Firehorse launched its news and current affairs story gathering service. We provide a stable of journalists and political analysts in Lebanon to gather new and up to date events for broadcasters.
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  • Millennium (Real Estate Development)
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Firehorse has one of the largest independent archives in the Middle East with more than 3000 hours of visual material providing a substantial overview of the Arab region, the Far East and parts of Europe and North America.

Begun in 2003 our visual archive spans the following countries: Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Morocco, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey, India, Thailand, Iran, Germany, UK and France and America (New York, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Utah).

The archive contains current events in the Arab region, general views as well as subject specific footage and interviews with leading personalities, presidents, politicians, religious figures and stars as well as job or manufacturing related footage.

We offer a comprehensive research service and are happy to handle any requests regarding the usage of tape and photo materials for film and TV production and publications. We can also provide the following formats for viewing; Digibeta, miniDV, DVD and VHS.
If you are interested in acquiring footage please contact our Head of Archive on the appropriate email or telephone numbers below.
Do you have the skills to make popular and innovative television? The imagination to create the programmes of the moment that draw in viewers, get rave reviews and win awards? If so Firehorse would love to hear from you.
Firehorse employs many freelance staff each year in our offices in Beirut. If you are interested in working at Firehorse please ensure that you email your CV to the appropriate address below.
Firehorse is always on the look out for Producers and Directors, Assistant Producers, Journalists, Researchers and Runners as well as Filming crews (Lighting camera - DOP, Assistant Directors, Sound Engineers, Gaffers and Assistant Camera). We are also extremely interested in Animators, Graphic Designers, Music Composers and Television script and narration writers in Arabic and English.